Nail Extensions


Pink AND White

Full set of tips with a permanent french manicure appearance. (1 hour 15 minutes) £35.00
Soak Off and Pink AND White £38.00


Full set of tips with a natural appearance. Can be polished or left natural. (1 hour) £30.00
Soak Off and Set £33.00


Natural coloured acrylic used as a
strengthener on the natural nail. (1 hour)

Clear £27.00
Pink AND White £30.00


Your natural nail will grow underneath your extensions! Every fortnight visit your technician for maintenance. (1 hour) £20.00


Re-defining the ‘Pink AND White’ balance. (1 hour 15 minutes) £25.00
Individual nails £4.00


Full Set (1 hour) £30.00
Infills (45 minutes) £20.00
Full Set ‘Pink AND White’ £35.00
Individual £4.00
Safe removal/soak £12.50
Soak off and manicure £20.00
Soak off & new set from £33.00

Nail Biters Scheme

Full Set (1 hour 15 minutes) £30.00
Full Set ‘Pink AND White’ £35.00
Infills carried out weekly due to rapid nail growth of nail biter. Weekly appointments at half price. £10.00

Toe Nail Extensions

Full Set £30.00
Full Set ‘Pink AND White’ £35.00
Individual £5.00


Any nail replacements are half price with infills

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